Lapwing before sunset


Lapwing Flock 

Last night an impressive flock of Lapwing were feeding at the grass fields near Washmore Hill. The winter flocks have been fantastic again this year, probably with more Lapwing. There seem to be many more Redwing than last year, and fewer Fieldfare but they are still present in large numbers.

Other birds about too… Stonechat, Pheasant, Grey Partridge, Red-legged Partridge, Blackbird, Starling, Buzzard, Rook, Carrion Crow.

dark red sunset at Sheepdrove

A gorgeous sunset lingered in the sky afterwards and while it got redder and darker, I watched a Barn Owl patrolling the byway along the ridge, as Roe Deer stalked out of the wooded cover into the open fields, and hares chased each other into the falling night.

Here’s a video clip of just some of those Lapwing. (on YouTube) How many do you think there are? Jason Ball


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