Learn all about it at Ecobuild 2008



Alternative energy for your house, bath water recycling, roofwater capture, sheepswool insulation, hemp mortar… whatever you’re interested in, it’s at Ecobuild 2008. So why not check it out? Seeing the exhibitor stalls is FREE and there are free seminars too.

The Ecobuild conference Innovate and Green runs 26th – 28th Feb for the seriously visionary end of the field – designers, architects, planners, engineers. Our very own Jason Ball is going to chair a conference session called New and Natural on Wed 27th Feb.

spiral stairwayHe will introduce the session with a few images of Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre showing how organic shapes and natural materials have been used at our award-winning building. View a quick animation of the structure here. Jason says, “I’m looking forward to the conference. The session I’m chairing is one of the best, I think, with presentations on mimicking nature, sophisticated use of ecological materials, and fitting into the landscape.”

The enthusiasm for eco-friendly construction and green household technologies really seems to be growing. Ecobuild gets bigger every year, packing out Earls Court. Special features of Ecobuild 2008 include an exciting set of attractions including the Green Dragons Den and Green Shoots – both sponsored by Burdens Environmental to give a platform to new sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs.

jason on roofJason adds, “This will be my 3rd year visiting Ecobuild. The amount of expertise and fascinating ideas under one roof is great. Expect to spend a lot of time at the event – you’ll find a lot to get distracted by. The Green Dragon’s Den will be fun – I’ve already voted online for Quercus!”

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