Jamie Oliver recommends Sheepdrove birds


Jamie Oliver, like his fellow chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is encouraging us all to buy compassionately reared chicken, this being a testament of his interest in British farming (See Channel 4 Jamie’s Fowl Dinners programme on Friday 11th January at 9pm).

Chicken Out with SheepdroveWe are proud that Jamie has recommended Sheepdrove Organic Butchers shops as a place to “buy the best bird”, as we operate to the stringent organic standards set by the Soil Association and to the highest levels of animal welfare. (London Evening Standard on Wed 9th January)

The article makes reference to our organic farm in Lambourn, where organic, free-range birds roam a specially created habitat full of wild food. Read more about Sheepdrove’s chickens being truly Organic, and ‘chicken out’ with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall >>> CLICK HERE.

Fancy changing your chicken? Buy a free-range organic Sheepdrove bird! Don’t worry if you’re not near one of the shops – we offer a Home Delivery Meat Box Scheme direct to your door. To buy online please go to www.sheepdroveshop.com or if you prefer, call 01488 674747 or email us

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