Slow Food Sausage Making Evening


On Tuesday 8th January 2008, Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre hosted a Slow Food Sausage Making Event, (Berkshire and Wiltshire Branch). The evening was presented by our Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael Benson, along with two of our highly skilled butchers, Colin Nicoll and Kevin Casey.

Guests were shown a side of pork and were told exactly from which part of the animal the meat in their sausages comes from. The pig was butchered to show the main pork cuts and the high quality shoulder and belly meat which is used in Sheepdrove sausages. 

having a go at sausage linksAfter being shown how it’s done, the guests had a go at filling and linking their own sausages. The standards achieved were excellent, with the butchery team judging the sausages in a “Generation Game” style competition.

The evening concluded with a Bangers and Mash supper where guests had the opportunity to enjoy sausages made on the evening. 

PHOTO: Kevin (left) shows how to fill the sausage casings whilst Michael demonstrates the traditional art of linking sausages into threes.

If you would like further details of future Slow Food events please contact Clare Marriage on 01488 684880.


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