future hopes for low carbon technology


by Jason Ball 

meeting about alternative energy ideas

Sheepdrove has a number of ideas for alternative energy projects. Today I had an exciting meeting with our project partners about some special technology that will help us to deal with waste and make massive carbon savings. I’ll tell you more about this idea at a later date… but for now I’ll let your mind digest the possibilities.

We eagerly await a decision about a grant for our planned GSHP – a Ground Source Heat Pump. Keep your fingers crossed for a YES from the BERR Low Carbon Buildings Programme.

Approved experts Cool Planet have designed the system. The GSHP kit will collect background heat from the ground to keep the Eco Conference Centre warm. The system is extremely efficient and will save a lot of energy – and therefore CO2 – every year. This sounds like futuristic technology – but it’s basically like a reversed refrigerator!

The business is also keen to work with registered charity The Sheepdrove Trust to create an educational Solar Tracker project. The Trust wants to install solar photovoltaics with a difference. The panels will track the sun across the sky every day, and each unit of electricity generated by the panels will be counted on a website, for all the world to see!

Watch this space for more news on renewables at Sheepdrove.

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