Pirbright’s leaky valves


Today’s confession that Merial have ‘probably’ had a leak is alarming. The official ministerial statement by Hilary Benn draws attention to a weakness at the facility – leaky valves.

The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs summarises the sequence of events that led to the suspicion of valves. It seems that the announcement of the leak was reliant on the honesty of Merial. The discovery of the leak was almost accidental. Merial made extra checks when their total virus harvest did not add up to the expected volume. Some was missing! Only checks by an engineer afterwards led to the conclusion that it was valves.

Has this pointed out a new possible explanation for the leaks that caused FMD outbreaks earlier this year? Was the escape route leaky valves?

Renovation of the drainage and waste system is the only reason they can assure us that the virus has not escaped this time. So what happened when they had cracked pipes? How long have these hidden leaks been going on?


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