Bird Flu – 2nd UK case confirmed


H5N1 Avian Influenza has been confirmed at a 2nd location. Late this afternoon our phones were called by an automated recording – Defra’s announcement service was updating all poultry farmers. Defra published their press release on the web at 16.20hrs.

Apparently the infected turkeys have been killed already as a precaution at ‘Dangerous Contact’ premises – i.e. a place linked with the first site. This is typically how the disease spreads best. Trade connections, sometimes over vast distances, transport the virus more efficiently than wild birds.

That’s why Sheepdrove Organic Farm and others are calling for a change to the way the world farms poultry. Read more…

What not to worry about
Eating poultry meat is fine. You can eat chicken, turkey, goose, etc, as normal. Cooking kills off viruses. Also, avian flu controls should keep it out of the food chain.  For more details, read this from the World Health Organisation.

Our customers tend to be aware of the facts – so orders for Organic Turkeys, Goose, Duck and Chicken have been going up and up. This year we have rich, gamey Heritage Turkeys on offer for the connoisseur as well as the traditional Norfolk Bronze. Read more…

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