Sheepdrove’s new website


Today we launched a new-look website at 

Discover the organic farming, the animals, and the projects at Sheepdrove. You’ll get a sense of the landscape’s beauty and natural heritage. Looking more like a magazine than a website, it features a photographic front page and an ever-growing range of content.

We have different sections dedicated to food, the farm, eco-friendly work, and campaigns to raise awareness about ethical food issues. YouTube video clips and fresh artwork give an up-to-date feel, in contrast with the traditional woodcut artwork. An interactive farm map, more videos, and 360-degree views are among the extras soon to be added!

The newly named Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre already boasts 360-degree views of the conference rooms on its own colourful website. The venue formerly known as The Kindersley Centre has award-winning sustainable architecture, full of eco-friendly features, and so we decided to emphasise it’s green credentials with an appropriate name. The centre’s high quality and outstanding customer service assured it a place in this year’s shortlist for the Condé Nast Johansens  Most Excellent Dedicated Venue Award… look out for results next week! 

Click on these links to be one of the first visitors:
> Organic turkeys for Christmas
> Tasty recipes for chicken 
> Wildlife video clips
> The Sheepdrove Story


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