Newsround 12th Oct


Cattle manager, David Wilkie, is delivering lots of calves, and it’s going very well. At the other end of the beef production story, the quality of the beef produced by our animals is excellent.

Turkeys of traditional breeds offer our customers extra choice this year. As well as the usual Norfolk Bronze, the traditional breeds include Bourbon Red, Norfolk Black and Slate Greys.

Poultry Processing and Red Meat Butchery
Sheepdrove recently welcomed a new Processing Manager, Ron Eyton. He has been getting to know our systems and the staff team, just as we secure EFSIS certification – so it’s a busy time. On top of that he’s preparing for the big rush of Christmas orders.

Our maintenance and development man Elwyn has been heroically solving technical problems in the Processing Plant’s water treatment unit, called a DAF plant. (Dissolved Air Flotation) This, and the installation of the new filter to capture iron from the water, will help to ensure that all the waste water goes down to the reedbed system without any problems.

Sustainable Water Management
We recently commissioned a Water Footprint study for our chickens. Expert Dr Louise Manning has been looking into system improvements for our poultry units, with a particular interest in how much water is used for the production of each batch of organic free-range birds.

Sustainable Energy
Manager for Biodiversity and Alternative Energy, Jason Ball, attended the Energy Expo in London yesterday, looking for more ideas on alternative power and ways to save energy. Among the many exhibitors were Cool Planet, the company who we commissioned to design a GSHP (ground source heat pump) for the conference centre. This would collect heat from the ground beneath our car park, and feed the energy into our underfloor heating. Jason recently entered the GSHP system for a government grant. Let’s hope we are favoured by the application panel for the Dti Low Carbon Buildings Programme.

Eco-friendly Conferences
Sheepdrove’s conference centre boasts a beautiful but sustainable design, with features such as heat recapture in the kitchen vents, passive ventilation, efficient light bulbs and recycled CD disks in the sinks. The innovations earned the Special Award for Sustainable Architecture from the Civic Trust in 2005.

Some of the clients we’ve had recently include PepsiCo, Infinis and The Soil Association. We look forward to hosting events for Waitrose, Bizz Energy, Juniper Networks and the Forestry Commission very soon.

Butcher Shops
Sheepdrove’s organic butcher stores are doing great business, proving more popular than ever, as a place where you can get the cuts you want, and expert service with a smile. If you’re in London, why not visit our Maida Vale shop? Or if you live near Bristol, go and see the only organic butchers in the city. Read more…

On the web
Our online shop is due for a slight revamp, with our IT manager Ashley Wright working hard in the background to update our software. Customers buying online have been ordering more recently, and we’ve even had our earliest Christmas orders!

But the big change you’ll see is on – we are publishing an all-new website with a gorgeous fresh design, next month. In fact it’s 2 sites – the conference centre will have its own. Looking more like a magazine than a regular website, it will cover a range of topics, including recipes, sales offers, the organic farm, events, conferences and healthy food.

Look out for the launch on Friday 2nd November…

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