FMD 2007 – EU trade rules fall


The biggest excuse for not vaccinating against FMD is gone. The idea that we cannot export meat and livestock until after an ‘all-clear’ has dissolved. And with it Gordon Brown’s political integrity, surely? He has u-turned on this policy and secretly agreed a get-out-clause for meat traders.

The unchangeable EU trade rules have changed. Read more…

Defra proudly announced today that they have a new agreement with the EU. They will allow export of meat from the UK, despite the fact that FMD is still at large in our countryside. We do not have an ‘all clear’ as yet. New cases were discovered only a few days ago! But apparently Defra are confident that they have everything under control.

So that’s what all the map work was about. That’s why they divided counties into ‘FMD Risk Area’ and ‘Low Risk Area’ status. It wasn’t about helping farmers to assess risk. It’s all about trade. Map here.

Surely now there is no barrier to vaccination? A safe, scientifically approved, identifiable vaccine could be used. Vaccination need not extend restrictions much more than the slaughter system, as pointed out by Dr Paul Sutmoller of the European Animal Health Association in yesterday’s letter to the Telegraph.

Come on Gordon. Let farmers vaccinate to prevent FMD 2007 from dragging on, and recurring. We look forward to your policy change on vaccines… maybe later this week?


One Response to “FMD 2007 – EU trade rules fall”

  1. Jonathan Miller Says:

    This piece is logical, reasoned and sensible. Hence, there is no chance it will be adopted as government policy. Which is informed by naked greed, wilful misrepresentation and contempt for science.

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