FMD 2007 – Threat to royal herds


Temporary control zone between West and East Sussex
Possible new cases of Foot and Mouth Disease are being investigated in the Sussex area. The latest TCZ lies just east of Hayward’s Heath, and includes A-roads and a railway track. 

Ever closer to to Windsor Great Park 
The 8th outbreak at Ankerdyke Farm, Wraysbury, reminds commentators that FMD is at the doorstep of the Queen’s livestock and the deer herds of Windsor Great Park.

Cattle owned by Nigel Berryman, a Crown Estate tenant who farms in Datchett, across the river from the Royal Home Farms, are safe for now. However his cattle on Englefield Green, Surrey,  are being slaughtered for having ‘dangerous contact’ with infected animals. Defra do not know whether the total of 161 cattle on 4 farms are infected or not.

A spokeswoman at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs insisted that no special measures to protect the Queen’s animals had been requested by the Royal Household.

A number of prominent local vets believe that the Queen should now take a stance and insist on the use of vaccination. However it does seem highly unlikely that the Queen would try to overturn current regulations to secure vaccination of her animals while other farmers were suffering the losses of stock. 

The control zone consists of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, while the surveillance zone covers a massive area of eastern England and even extends into eastern Berkshire. Map here.

Get the latest (according to Defra) at >


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