FMD 2007 – October and it’s still here


This is outbreak number 8 since August. Today Defra announced they will also kill animals at 4 farms next to the site of the latest case, at a farm near Wraysbury in Surrey which was confirmed positive yesterday. This slaughter was avoidable, as were many others, if we had vaccinated. This Foot and Mouth Disease fiasco is still bubbling away under the noses of Defra’s science team.

LINK: Defra’s interactive map of protection zones.

Defra said on it’s website:
Following the confirmed case of FMD at this premises near Wraysbury (IP8) and taking account of the epidemiological advice on the nature of the spread of FMD in the northern part of the Egham Protection Zone, veterinary experts have concluded that a number of cattle on four (4) premises in the vicinity of IP8 have been exposed to infection of FMD to such a degree that they are likely to develop disease.

Are they trying to tell us that they missed more cases? Have more animals had the disease, and recovered, as they have at Egham farms? Warmwell asks how old the cases are, and why has that factor not been mentioned?

Defra also said: Our objective remains to stamp out FMD in this area.
The objective remains… that’s the key word – the objective has not been achieved! Their efforts are not working. So why not vaccinate? And will Defra once again tell us to stop taking animals to slaughter? What happens next?

Meanwhile with regard to Bluetongue, Defra have declared an official outbreak. That’s helpful! And it seems the foul-up at Pirbright has reduced the UK’s capacity to deal with it. Vaccines for Bluetongue could have been produced at Merial if the pipework wasn’t being repaired! Read more…

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4 Responses to “FMD 2007 – October and it’s still here”

  1. Mary Critchley Says:

    As warmwell reported yesterday, it looks as though NINE farms were/are being culled and there is no information from DEFRA about whether this is new virus incubating – or old virus discovered as antibodies by the famous “lateral flow device”. We need to know the answer to this. The age of disease matters very much. DEFRA do not have the capability to do PCR on site (because they have rejected this existing technology)- but even done in the lab it should not be taking such an age that SOS culls are thought appropriate.

    I sense an utter panic – partly about the proximity of Windsor.

    Who can insist that DEFRA give the public accurate information about which tests, what age of disease, and why swabs are not being done? Bulk milk testing is easy and shows where virus is – but I think it highly unlikely that this is being done.

    In near despair – but still updating on FMD and Bluetongue several times every day.


  2. john mcintyre Says:

    Vaccinating does not solve the problem! Vaccinations can never result in 100% success in all animals. Therefore areas which have been “vaccinated-to-live” can still carry FMD. It is better to eradicate the disease in the country than to vaccinate and have it exist.

  3. sheepdrove Says:

    Dear John,
    Vaccination would be done with monitoring, and the latter is the key to it working.

    Just because you have immunised animals does not mean you have more virus about. Actually the opposite is true, because non-immunised animals are MORE likely to catch the disease. They can recover and spread the virus. This happened in Surrey this year.

    The need for monitoring of vaccinated flocks would mean they become far safer than non-vaccinated.

  4. sheepdrove Says:

    The government itself has said the preferred option for vaccination is “vaccinate to live”…

    More information about the science:

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