Bluetongue – 5th new case


Bluetongue, the newest livestock disease in the British countryside, has been found 50 miles away from the first outbreak. This third discovery, and the condition of the animals, both indicate that Bluetongue was carried to the UK by midges weeks ago. A Belgian ministry vet has told Radio 4’s Farming Today that the UK must learn to live with a disease which is impossible to contain. Surely not advice that Defra want to hear. But how do you cope with a fly-borne illness? Will Defra send pesticide squads to our wetlands and farms?

Meanwhile no new FMD outbreaks have been found this week, and temporary control zones have been disbanded following negative test results.

UPDATE 28th Sep.
A 5th new case of Bluetongue has been confirmed at Burstall, Suffolk.
We were very worried about the suspected outbreak (and temporary control zone) near Maidenhead. Thankfully it’s been discounted, when negative tests came through yesterday. 
We are able to take animals to slaughter, as usual, and our direct delivery to customers means that we are not trading animals in markets. So as long as no more outbreaks occur, it’s business as usual for our customers.

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