Another great day at the conference centre


sheepdrove eco conference centre 

Today’s event for Liberata, an outsourcing company, was all about corporate ethics. Naturally they chose our conference centre, as a sustainable and ethical venue. Their after-lunch guest speaker was Lucy Siegle, broadcaster and journalist in ethical living.

“The Kindersley Centre is on my top three places to go, as an environmentalist, I’ve always wanted to come here.” said Lucy, “There’s the Eden Project, *The Kindersley Centre, and the Centre for Alternative Technology, and now I can tick them all.”  *(now called Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre)

Lucy sees it as “sort of my job to wear hemp….” but where style is concerned she’s a million miles from the weave your own tofu hat brigade as she would put it. Lucy Siegle embodies the growing trend for ‘eco chic’ and the green consumerism that’s now so mainstream. Her expert presentation featured striking images as well as a great collection of facts and figures, such as; this Christmas our wrapping paper will be enough to cover an area the size of Wales.

The delegates had enjoyed a delicious organic lunch in our Dining Room, with Organic Chicken and vegetables from Sheepdrove. And so, fittingly, we gave a presentation all about Sheepdrove Organic Farm. Jason Ball introduced the delegates to the animal welfare and environmental ethics at the farm, with photos of everything from dung beetles to happy organic pigs!

Delegates included representatives from the Ministry of Justice, UK local authorities and associates from the USA. Guests ended their event very pleased, inspired, and carrying Sheepdrove goods home too! We loved working with Liberata and the team from Creo, who with our behind-the-scenes staff made everything go smoothly. Even the weather was perfect. What a great day.

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