Visit from Japan


Professor Matsuki with Jason BallProfessor Matsuki with Jason BallSheepdrove Organic Farm had a distiguished visitor from Japan today, Professor Matsuki, from the Nippon Life Science Veterinary and Life Science University. He has been here before, but wanted to use this visit to begin a case study about nature conservation on the farm.

Jason Ball, our manager for biodiversity and alternative energy, discussed our nature conservation projects, our Countryside Stewardship agreements, and how Japan is moving towards similar schemes. Professor Matsuki has been involved in a massive 1,000 hectare “Agri-Nature” project in the Japanese countryside developing eco-friendly farming systems. He also promotes city farming and even keeps a hive of bees on the roof of his city home!

His international visits build links with organisations and agencies such as Natural England, and FAO, to facilitate exchanges of ideas and knowledge, particularly for eco-friendly food production.

Photo: Jason Ball, and Prof.Dr.Yoichi MATSUKI, Dept. of Nature Management and AgriFood Economics Faculty of Life Science Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University.


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