FMD 2007 – Defra resist vaccination


All farms can do is wait for the next test results as yet another suspected case of Foot and Mouth Disease is investigated. This time the possible outbreak is in the West Midlands, near Solihull. On Tuesday a third case was eventually confirmed following ‘slaughter on suspicion’ at Klondyke Farm in Surrey.

Debby Reynolds once again has said that FMD vaccines will not be provided for anybody to protect their animals, saying, “Vaccination can be used as a disease control measure if it is demonstrated that steps in addition to the slaughter policy are required to eradicate the disease.”

“It has been decided not to vaccinate at this time because the risk of spread of disease outside of the Surrey area is still considered to be low at the present time.”

We shall see. But by then will it be too late for more farmers? The department’s disease control measures obviously did not control the dispersal of the virus. How far does FMD have to spread uncontrollably before Defra decide vaccination will actually help them to stop FMD?


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