Best at Show


Best Farmed Farm 2007

Our organic heroes! > Tom Robbshaw, Andrew Dancey, Richard Heady, Chris Manley, Chris Aldridge, Stuart Warrick, Lucy Follon, Carol Harries, David Wilkie, Ian Salmon. (Also on the winning team but absent for the photo – Tim Morley, Jason Bryan, Miraslaw Pryzgoda) 

Sheepdrove Organic Farm drew great accolades at the Royal Berkshire Show . The show’s judges presented Ian Salmon, farm manager, with the awards of:

  • Best Farmed Farm – Large (Chaddleworth Silver Challenge Cup)
  • Best Large Sheep Flock (Blagrave Perpetual Challenge)
  • Champion Sheep Flock (Faccombe Perpetual Challenge Trophy)

Our dedicateAlex and Jo at the showd farming staff truly deserve these honours. Ian said “Thanks to all our farming staff for winning us these awards.” The team work all hours to care for the animals and ensure successful harvests. They are organic heroes! Our shepherd, Chris Aldridge, has done extremely well to win the champion cup out of all the flocks in Berkshire.

Also at the show was Jason Ball, promoting Barn Owl conservation at the countryside area, kindly invited by our partners in the Lambourn Valley Barn Owl Group –  the Pang, Kennet and Lambourn Valley Countryside Project.

Alex and Jo at the show

Thank you to everyone who visited our stall at the Food Fair tent, we had a wonderful weekend and it is always a joy to meet up with you, whether you are an established or new customer. Local radio station Kick FM interviewed Jo and Alex from our sales team too. All our organic meat sold out, as did our Organic Chicken Pies, and we did ever so well with the Sheepdrove honey and preserves.

Aptly our new awards came at the end of Organic Fortnight. And with those sheep awards, what a great start to the Mutton Season! (We have recipes for all our meats, including Mutton, if you’ve never tried it.) Please join us in celebration by placing your orders for Sheepdrove’s organic meat range, raised at Berkshire’s best organic farm! Call our sales team on 01488 674747 – visit our family butchers shops, or browse our online shop.


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