More outbreaks of wild speculation disease


As UK farmers await results from Norfolk’s suspected FMD case, and possible further cases near Egham, we all are left guessing. Outbreaks of wild speculation – highly contagious – are bound to increase! For example, Dr Ruth Watkins echoes our deer concerns at Warmwell. Catch up on the phenomenon at the Guardian’s Matthew Weaver blog.

Gordon Brown has helpfully vowed to find the cause. Erm, somebody please give him a clue!

3 Responses to “More outbreaks of wild speculation disease”

  1. Jonathan Miller Says:

    Re the so-far-clueless Mr Brown: I am rather hoping that Her Majesty might enlighten him – her place at Windsor seems to be in the surveillance zone.

  2. Jonathan Miller Says:

    I should add that your blog is really good! It has just progressed by leaps and bounds and it reflects the amazing editorial skills you have as well as your marvellous agricultural ones. A+

  3. sheepdrove Says:

    Thanks Jonathan – yes let’s hope the royals kick up a fuss.

    As for the praise – coming from you that’s very heartening. Thank you.

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