Berkshire’s Best Farmed Farm 2007


Sheep at rubbing postsSheepdrove Organic Farm has won top accolades from the judges of Newbury and District Agricultural Society. Out of Berkshire’s large farms, Sheepdrove is awarded Best Farmed Farm 2007, and wins Best Large Sheep Flock 2007.

The farm will formally receive its awards at the Royal Berkshire Show this weekend. Meanwhile we are delighted to tell you the news!

Farm Manager, Ian Salmon said, “Thanks to all our farming staff for winning us the award.”

This is very much an honour to the skills and hard work of the farming staff, and everyone involved in making Sheepdrove an outstanding food producer.

Sheepdrove Organic Farm strives for great tasting, healthy organic food, achieving the best animal welfare, while farming with nature, not against it. To reduce food miles Sheepdrove has on-site chicken slaughter and butchery, and deliver to your home direct from the farm. This shrinks our carbon footprint and we’re also gradually developing renewable energy projects at the farm.

Our dedicated farming team often have to work around the clock, to get harvest in, or to ensure the animals are healthy and happy. They care for the livestock and the land organically, which makes a positive difference to the local biodiversity and reduces pollution. Our unique reedbed system, for example, treats farm wastewater and returns it to the chalk aquifer source with less nitrate pollution than it had to begin with. Around every field we conserve margins for wildlife (adding up to about 72km of rough grass habitat) and we have another 10 hectares of wildlife mix strips too. These are havens for beneficial minibeasts such as ground beetles who keep crop pests in check, and for birds such as Barn Owl, Grey Partridge and Yellowhammer.

Sheepdrove Organic Farm has won a series of awards over the years. The farm is one of the main local employers at Lambourn, Berkshire, runs shops at Bristol and Maida Vale in London, and sells meat boxes by home delivery across the UK. To see the farm for yourself come to the next Open Day.

Sample the farm’s produce and meet the sales team at this weekend’s Royal Berkshire Show. You can also order online.



2 Responses to “Berkshire’s Best Farmed Farm 2007”

  1. farmingfriends Says:

    Congratulations. Well done. It’s great when hard work is recognised.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. sheepdrove Says:

    Thank you Sara. Apt that we’ve won during Organic Fortnight.

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