TV crew today…


BBC TV filming for Jimmy’s Farm offshoot series 2008

Left: David, our cattle manager, awaits his cue! 

The BBC came to the farm today, to gather material for next year’s brand new series starring Jimmy Doherty – as in Jimmy’s Farm. Apart from the heat of the day and the occasional aircraft ruining the soundtrack, it seems to have gone well, but these things always take vastly longer than first expected.

They’ve concentrated on our chickens and cattle, finding out how we look after them here at Sheepdrove Organic Farm. Everything from homoeopathy to the farm sounds CD played in the chick nurseries. They hope to show a bit of wildlife, too.

Jimmy would probably be impressed by our happy organic pigs – he’d have lots to discuss with Tim Morley, who looks after our pig herd.

2 Responses to “TV crew today…”

  1. farmingfriends Says:

    Wow this sounds a fantastic thing to be involved in. Hope it all goes well and I look forward to seeing your farm on the TV.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. sheepdrove Says:

    Hi Sara,
    Thanks. It should be out next summer.
    Like your website… !

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