Press release – Let us vaccinate now.


Today we have sent out a press release about FMD vaccination.

> FMD – Allow us to vaccinate 17aug2007

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll be familiar with the ethics, the common sense and the science in favour of vaccinating. But now Peter Kindersley has added some of his very strong personal views to what we have said previously. He cares deeply about the way we are treating animals – in this case, culling hundreds unnecessarily! 

Peter says, “It’s time to start caring  for animals and stop killing them – start preventing through vaccination and curing those that have it, as we do for any other illness that we or animals get. This is the ethical way.


3 Responses to “Press release – Let us vaccinate now.”

  1. Roger Ledger Says:

    You have my deepest sympathies with regard to today`s supposed outbreak.
    No doubt you will be stopped from moving animals for months now.
    I support you over vaccination. What can i do to help ?
    I am also a great supporter of Mary @ perhaps we can get a petition going again ?

    All the best. Roger Ledger.

  2. Lisa Clitheroe Says:

    Has anyone started a petition on the No 10 e-petitions web site?

    Good luck with the campaign!

  3. sheepdrove Says:

    There was a petition started last month, (not by us, but we promoted it) which has now gone past the deadline. It had very little PR, and therefore not many signatures.

    Anybody fancy discussing proposals for the wording of a new one? Defra already have vaccination in their ‘contingency plan’ and therefore will claim it’s already an option. So careful thought is needed to petition for a change in strategy, rather than “we believe vaccination should be used” — similarly it must call for ‘vaccinate to live’ policy as campaigned for by CIWF (Compassion in World Farming.)

    We’ll consider everything again next week, and post an article about this whole thing.

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