FMD Vaccination – Petition No10


A petition to 10 Downing Street has been set up at:

Jane Barribal ( started the petition to persuade the government to follow a ‘vaccinate to live’ policy. In other words, that FMD vaccination should be used to prevent culling, rather than to simply buy a bit of time during a mass slaughter.

Here’s your chance to show the government that the mass slaughter policy is not what you support. Sign the petition! 


One Response to “FMD Vaccination – Petition No10”

  1. sheepdrove Says:

    Commenting to The Times Online, one reader Peter Close writes:
    “… The contiguous 3km kill devised by King was designed to snuff out all risk of dissemination of FM from any one outbreak. However, as any practising vet, farmer or slaughterman could have told him the logistics were not remotely feasible. The result was that healthy animals in the 3km surrounding an outbreak were being slaughtered whilst infected animals waited their turn in the queue; spreading the disease for up to a week, in some cases. …
    So, yes, vaccination would have alleviated this debacle!”

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