Start caring and stop demonising FMD


We need to be clear – FMD is not a fatal disease – animals, if looked after and given love and care survive it. So why kill any of them?

Demonising FMD is what it is about – Defra and those with vested interests are trying to convince us all that it is worse than it is so they can kill! If we spent some money on research into medication and treatments helping animals recover it would have been money well spent – but that is the last thing they care about.

Let’s start caring more about the animals.


2 Responses to “Start caring and stop demonising FMD”

  1. oldskychaos Says:

    Here, Here. Many vaccinations are done in the name of diseases which are NOT fatal, in both people and animals. The emphasis should be on caring more for animals. We should care for them.

  2. sheepdrove Says:

    Thanks for your support…

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