FMD 2007 – let us vaccinate now!


Farmers could take more control of the fate of their business if they had the right to vaccinate against FMD. Join us in calling for the right to vaccinate now!

The reactive cull-to-control strategy and the bans on trade put a stranglehold on those who do not export. Let the customer decide if they’re happy to eat vaccinated meat (UK farmers already vaccinate for many other diseases, Blackleg for example) and give farmers the option of preventative measures against Foot and Mouth Disease.

Why not let the farmers decide? We could use our own risk assessments and make a decision on whether or not to protect our stock against FMD.

The Soil Assocation has said that they support a ‘Vaccinate to Live” policy, as campaigned for by CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) – meaning that vaccinated animals should not be slaughtered as part of a mass cull. The SA urge the government to vaccinate “if further outbreaks occur beyond the existing 3km protection zone in Surrey.”

Sheepdrove believe there is no need to wait before developing a programme of vaccine protection. Let us vaccinate now!

If we don’t see change now… why would Defra ever get around to using vaccines against FMD and stop the harmful cull policy? Surely that was a lesson from 2001 that the government has clearly not learned. Otherwise why wait to order vacccines until an outbreak forces it???



PS… in the old days, if a farmer saw one of his cows had FMD he got a piece of sacking and wiped the cow’s mouth with it and then infected the other cows with it to give them immunity! That’s vaccination!


8 Responses to “FMD 2007 – let us vaccinate now!”

  1. Mary Critchley Says:

    I have only just seen this and will put a link on warmwell at once. Sheepdrove were a very early source of inspiration last time – really excellent – and it is so good to see that, like Zorro, you have returned to the fray!

  2. sheepdrove Says:

    Hello Mary,
    Just went to see and it looks very informative. Keep it up! All the best – Sheepdrove.

  3. Jane Barribal Says:

    As Sheepdove well know – ‘Farmtalking’ has always supported vaccination and remains extremely grateful to Sheepdrove for their support during 2001.

    A link to ‘Sheepdrove’ has always been on the website – – and now a link to this site will be added too.

    We must vaccinate now!

  4. Mary Critchley Says:

    Is there a chance that someone in the UK could start legal action against the Government with the aim to force them to use vaccination ? This way was tried by campaigners (2001) in Germany. It was turned down because they didn’t had a current case of FMD there. But the German judge clearly said in the case of an outbreak his judgement would have been a different one. Does anyone with a legal background think this would have a hope in Hades in this country?

  5. Jane Barribal Says:

    Following the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease, I have felt it essential that rather than slaughter infected and suspected livestock they should be vaccinated.

    However, as Sheepdrove says, there are two basic forms of emergency vaccination strategy to control Foot and Mouth Disease. The ‘vaccination-to-live’ policy whereby the animals live out their normal economic lives and their meat is then eaten; or the ‘vaccination-to-die’ strategy whereby animals around an infected farm are vaccinated to reduce the spread of infection and are then killed. The latter is quite unacceptable and I am sure that like myself, you would want them to be protected through a vaccination ‘to live’ policy.

    If you agree with me, please sign my petition to the Prime Minister which you will find here –

    Please ask your friends to sign it too!

    Thank you!
    Jane Barribal – Farmtalking

  6. David Trotter Says:

    Don’t forget that if you have traditional native breeds of sheep cattle or pigs you should put them on the “Breeds at Risk Register” – accessed via the RBST (Rare Breeds Survival Trust) website. The RBST is the contractor for this scheme which operates to give the possibility of protection for traditional native breeds.It is not a guarantee but it is better than nothing.Please feel free to cascade this via your website to any others who might be able to benefit.

  7. sheepdrove Says:

    Yes, thanks for that. We were aware because the farm manager has his own small herd of English Longhorn.
    Here’s the web address:

  8. cath Says:

    Yes, I cannot bear another mass murder like the last one, how on earth could anyone have watched that stuff on TV and still eat animal flesh?
    Yet the Great British Public seemed impervious, it was like water-off-a-duck’s-back!
    Sorry to say it to you – it’s your livelihood – but I haven’t eaten meat since 1989, the ethics of mainstream meat production are non-existent it seems.
    I know I should eat organic-produced and support you, who do have a conscience.
    This is the second night I have sat in rage about this issue, and feel so helpless. Time for another petition, like Jane Berribal’s?

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